Weimaraner Litter

CH. Tyrilebee Dream A Little


is in whelp to

Ch Lukedom Whatz New Kitty Kat

"Mr Jones"

Puppies have arrived on 8th September she gave birth to 11 with 6 Males and 5 Females but we unfortunatley lost 1 Male and 1 Female

​Now mum and her 9 puppies are doing fantastic

1 week


I have a German Shepherd who has 4 puppies of her own 5 days older so i have taken the 2 big boys and put them with her and she has mothered them since all are doing fantasatic and this lightens the load on Dora.

2 Weeks

Puppies are all growing beautifully as you can see and their eyes have begun to open. They are all feeding well and looking great they were wormed and nails trimmed today and of course a little photoshoot. Please remember it is not easy to get photos of wriggling puppies but i think i did alright. I stil have 1 feeding on my German Shepherd girl at the moment but plan to move him out with the rest next weekend. Dora now has loads of milk and is doing a great job keeping them fed and happy.







3 Weeks

Sorry everyone photos are coming just been having lots of computer issues over the past few hours hopefully have them up very soon.

All are doing fantastic they have now started on soaked Royal Canin with chicken mince and starter mince and they absolutley loved it, glad i did photos before giving to them cause they had it all over their faces. They were not all that happy about having the sun in their faces for photos but i got them in the end







4 Weeks

Puppies are still going great eating really well and are starting to play alot more now. They were so much better to do photos this week and i did them in the shade so they didnt have to sun in their eyes :) They were wormed again this week so all up to date.







Regan loves the puppies and they love her too. She is my puppy whisperer

5 Weeks

​Oh how much they grow in a week. They are all out going confident puppies and love lots of cuddles. We had a thunderstorm come through a few days ago and not one of them were scared of all the thunder it was great to see.

​Regan was sitting them on the table this week while it pressed the button on the camera. She did a great job.



This boy was not scared think he was trying to work out what i was doing































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